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Ane acte anent the registring of saisings, reversiones, and some vther writtes, for the better tryall o[f] the falsettis daylie invented and occurring within this realme
Prented at Edinburgh. By Robert Walde-graue. 1599. 1 broadside.

Ane admonition direct to the trew lordis mantenaris of the kingis graces authoritie
Buchanan, George (Schriftsteller, 1506-1582)
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Ane admonition direct to the trew Lordis mantenaris of the Kingis graces authoritie. M.G.B
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Svoboda, Milan
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Palmer, Hazel

An eagle for Pidgin
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Aneṭ ō ahūbī hak-kohēn
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An EAI solution using WebSphere Business Integration (v4.1): "July 2003.". - "SG24-6849-00.". - "WebSphere software"--Cover
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Ane answer made the fourth day of Septembre a thousand fyue hundreth syxtie [and] one, by maister Theodore de Besza minister of the holie Euangile, in the presence of the quene mother, the king and quene of Nauarre, the princes of the blood royall, and of the priuie counseil, vnto that whiche the cardinall of Lorraine had replied against that whiche was propounded in the first iourney of their talking together, by the said de Besza in the name of the reformed churches. Together with an other short answer made by the said de Besza the 26 day of the said moneth vnto certein articles of replie set forth by the said cardinall
Bèze, Théodore de ; Baron, John
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Ane answer to ane epistle written by R. Benedict to J. Knox
Fergusson, David
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Ane answer to ane epistle written by Renat Benedict: the Frenche doctor, profesor of Gods worde (as the translator of this epistle calleth him) to Iohn Knox, and the rest of his brethren ministers of the word of God: made by Dauid Feargussone minister of the same word at this present in Dumfermling
Fergusson, David ; Benoit, René ; Winzet, Ninian
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Ane answer to the tractiue
Davidson, John
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Ane answer to the tractiue, set furth in the yeir of God. 1558. be maister Quintine Kennedy: Commendatar, Abbote of Crosraguell, for the establisching of ane Christiane mannis conscience (as he alledgis) the forth and strenth of his Papistrie, and all vthers of his sect, as appearis weil be his epistle direct to the Protestantes, and prentit in the last part of this buik: maid be maister Iohne Dauidsone, Maister of the Paedagog of Glasgw
Davidson, John ; Kennedy, Quintin
Imprentit at Edinburgh. By Robert Lekprewik. Cum priuilegio. 1563. 34 leaves.

A Neapolitan book of hours in the J. Paul Getty Museum
Katzenstein, Ranee A

A Neapolitan Cabinet decorated with painted glass panels
González-Palacios, Alvar

A Neapolitan Christmas crib
Raggio, Olga

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Jackson, Roland John
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A Neapolitan patron of armor and tapestry identified
LaRocca, Donald J

An ea quae hominibus in somno et somnio accidunt, iisdem possint imputari?
Dieterich, Johann D ; Garn, Philipp M
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A near-field Raman method to study the liquid-liquid interface
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An earful of static
Fusillo, Archimede
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A near-infrared selected galaxy redshift survey
Feulner, Georg

A near-infrared selected photometric survey of distant galaxies
Drory, Niv
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A near-kin within the kin: A comparative study
Westrup, Carl Wium
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An earlier date for "Cramer's Rule"
Hedman, Bruce A
1999. Ill.

An earlier dating for the transept of Saint-Sernin, Toulouse
Sheppard, Carl D

An earlier model for the Pact of Steel
Watt, Donald Cameron

An earlier name for Calpurina subdecandra (L'Herit) Schweick: (Leguminosae)
Gillett, J. B
1965. S. 421.

An earlier name for Ludwigia Natans (Onagraceae)
Raven, Peter H
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An earlier project by Bernini for the Campanili of Saint Peter's
Worsdale, Marc

An earl must have a wife
Bird, William R
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An early 12th century walrus ivory reliquary in the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam
Anker, Peter

An early 15th-century algebra codex: a description
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An early 16th-century scenic design in the National Museum, Stockholm and its historical background
Beijer, Agne
[S.l.]. International Federation for Theatre Research. 1960. 85-155.

An early 17th-century night gown
Nevinson, John L

An early (1844) key-driven adding machine
Roegel, Denis
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An early-20th-century uplift in Southern California
Castle, Robert Oliver
Washington. US Gov. Print. Off. 1987. IV, 70 S. +.

An early abridgement of Fibonacci's "De practica geometrie"
Hughes, Barnabas
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An early account of Polish Jewry under Nazi and Soviet occupation presented to the Polish government-in-exile, February 1940
Engel, David

An early account of the Choctaw Indians
Swanton, John Reed
Millwood, NY. Kraus. S. 53 - 72.

An Early Account of the Choctaw Indians by John R. Swanton
Swanton, John Reed
(Lancaster). (American Anthropological Association). (1918).

An early acquaintance with the Holy Scriptures recommended in a sermon in behalf of the Walworth charity and Sunday-Schools for poor boys; preached at Mr. Booth's meeting-house, ... London, August 13, 1797; by the Rev. Samuel Pearce, A.M
Pearce, Samuel
Clipstone. printed by J. W. Morris: Sold by M. Gurney; Button; Gardiner, London; James Bristol; and Belcher, Birmingham. 1800. 34,[2]p.

An early Admiralty Case
Johnson, Charles
London. Camden Soc. 1929. 5 S. 8".

An early Alamannic brooch from Yorkshire
Swanton, M. J

An early altar-piece by Joos van Cleve
Evans, Mark

An early altarpiece by Lorenzo Monaco
Eisenberg, Marvin J

An early altarpiece from the cathedral of Florence
Meiss, Millard

An early American masterwork
Rogers, Meyric Reynold ; Rogers, Meyric R

An early American reader
Lemay, J. A
Washington. United States Information Agency. 1988. XIX, 734 S.

An early anabaptist treatise on the christian and the state
Hillerbrand, Hans Joachim

An early Anadidymus of a chick
Wright, Robert Ramsay
Toronto. Published by the Librarian of the University Library. 1906. S. 21 - 26, 1 Taf.

An early and late portrait by Girolanmo Romanino
Benesch, Otto

An early and strong sympathy: the Indian writings of William Gilmore Simms
Simms, William Gilmore ; Guilds, John Caldwell
Columbia, SC. Univ. of South Carolina Press. 2003. LI, 604 S.
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An early Anglo-Irish portable shrine
Swarzenski, Georg

An early anticipation of Dante's "cieli e scienze"
Wieruszowski, Helene

An early aragonese panel at Frankfurt am Main
Cook, Walter W. S

An early archaeological site near Panuco, Vera Cruz: With a foreword by Alfred V. Kidder
MacNeish, Richard S
Philadelphia. American Philos. Soc. 1954. S. 539-641.

An early astronomical manuscript of Jeremiah Horrocks
Stancliffe, Terry

An early balloon ascent in Surrey
Baker, Rowland G. M

An early blueprint for Zionism: Gyözö Istóczy's political anti-Semitism
Handler, Andrew
Boulder, Colo. East European Monographs. 1989. IV, 206 S.
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An early bourgeois literature in Golden Age Spain: Lazarillo de Tormes, Guzmán de Alfarache, and Baltasar Gracián
Sánchez, Francisco J
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An early Breton Gospel book
Wormald, Francis ; Alexander, Jonathan J. G

An early buyer of French impressionists in England
Gould, Cecil

An early Byzantine church at Kanlǐ Divane in Cilicia
Forsyth, George H

An early cabinet and chair work price list from York
Gilbert, Christopher

An early calotype of Blackfriars Chapel in St. Andrews
Smith, Graham

An early Carolingian finger-ring
Wilson, David M

An early ceramic triptych by Henri Matisse
Neff, John Hallmark

An early champion of Black-and-White
Kirker, Anne

An early Chelsea porcelain group marked with the raised anchor
Gardner, Bellamy

An early chiaroscuro drawing by Paolo Veronese
Rosand, David

An early childhood curriculum: from developmental model to application
Essa, Eva L ; Rogers, Penelope R
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An early childhood curriculum for multiply handicapped children
Schattner, Regina
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Andersson, Johan Gunnar
Peking. The Geological Survey. 1923. 68 S., XVI Taf. 46 S.

An early Chinese translation corresponding to Chapter 6 of the Petakopadesa: An Shigao's Yin chi ru jing T 603 and its Indian original: a preliminary survey
Zacchetti, Stefano
London. SOAS. 2002. S. 74-98.

An early Chou bronze
Yetts, Walter Perceval

An early Christian bronze lamp
Beckwith, John
[ca. 1975].

An early Christian chapel and burial ground on the Isle of Ensay, Outer Hebrides, Scotland with a study of the skeletal remains
Miles, A. E. W
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An early Christian church beneath the Cathedral of Florence
Toker, Franklin

An early Christian confession: Philippians II. 5 - 11 in recent interpretation
Martin, Ralph P
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An Early Christian construction of time: Salvation History in the Catacomb of Callistus in Rome
Enz Finken, Kathleen

An Early Christian curtain in the Royal Ontario Museum
Gervers, Veronika

An early Christian ivory plaque in Cyprus and notes on the Asiatic ampullae
Griffing, Robert P

An early Christian ivory pyxis
St. Clair, Archer

An early Christian ivory relief of the miracle of Cana
Maclagan, Eric Robert Dalrymple

An early Christian legacy in Italian romanesque miniature painting
Ayres, Larry M

An early christian marble relief at Kavala
Maguire, Henry

An early Christian model for the Tempio Malatestiano
Mitchell, Charles

An early Christian philosopher: Justin Martyr's dialogue with Trypho, chapters one to nine
Winden, Jacobus C. M. van ; Iustinus
Leiden. Brill. 1971. 133 S. +.

An early Christian sarcophagus from Rome lost and found
Evans, Helen C

An early Christian sculpture from Egypt
Cooney, John D

An early christian sermon-drama: John 8:31-59
Bartholomew, Gilbert L
Ann Arbor, Mich. Univ. Microfilms Internat. 1980. VI, 160, 3 S.

An early Christian sermon-drama, John 8:31-59
Bartholomew, Gilbert L
1977. VI, 160 S.

An early christian silver reliquary from Nubia
Török, László

An early Christian silver vase
Tonnochy, Alec Bain ; Tonnochy, A. B

An early Christian spoon, inscribed "Paulus"
Sherlock, David

An early christmas
Price, Reynolds
Rocky Mount. North Carolina Wesleyan College Press. 1992. 53 S.
ISBN 0933598424

An early christology: A systematic and exegetical investigation of the traditions contained in Hebrews, and of the implications contained in their later neglect
Williams, Arthur Hayes
1971. XIX,333 S.

An early church and medieval farmstead site: excavations at Llanelen, Gower
Schlesinger, Alex

An Early Church in a pluralistic society: Transl. by Jean Gray
Fornberg, Tord
Uppsala. Gleerup. 1977. 175 S.
ISBN 9140044378

An early commentary on the Poetria nova of Geoffrey of Vinsauf
Woods, Marjorie Curry
New York u.a. Garland. 1985. LXVI, 505 S.
ISBN 0824094352

A (nearly) comprehensive model of the dynamics of internaional economic integration
Landesmann, Michael A ; Stehrer, Robert
Hamburg. HWWA. 2003. 30 S.

A (nearly) comprehensive model of the dynamics of international economic integration: prepared in the context of the EU 5. framework project "EU enlargement: the impact of east west migration on growth and employment"
Landesmann, Michael ; Stehrer, Robert
Hamburg. HWWA. 2003. 30 S.

An early conservation register of work undertaken on egyptian papyri for the British Museum, 1838 - 1842
Quirke, Stephen
[s.l.]. S. 165 - 186.

An early copy of the "Battle of Anghiari"
Kurz, Otto

An early Corot
Stillson, Blanche

An early crescent: the future of knowledge and the environment in Islam
Sardar, Ziauddin
London [u.a.]. Mansell. 1989. IX, 251 S.
ISBN 0720120055

An early critique of Bacon's 'Sylva Sylvarum': Edmund Chilmead's treatise on sound
Feingold, Mordechai ; Gouk, Penelope M
1983. S.

An early crop yield estimation method for Finnish conditions: the crop growth monitoring system of the Joint Research Centre with and without remotely sensed and other additional input data
Kuittinen, Risto
Kirkkonummi. Geodeettinen Laitos. 1998. 114 S.
ISBN 9517112173